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Friday, June 07, 2013

The Eleven Plus Logic of a Big Mac.

You are trying to help your eleven plus child to think logically. You suddenly remember all your work in the sixth form when you were studying proportional calculus. You recall your mathematics teacher discussing tautologies.  You explain to your ten year old that one meaning of the word is that everything is true in every possible interpretation.

You are not sure that your eleven plus child is actually listening. There is no eye contact. You wonder if spending all this time on eleven plus work is actually going to pay off in the end.

“You mean that if I say that I am hungry and feel like a Big Mac, that it is true and I really want a Big Mac?”

“It is bit more complex than that, my dear. We are discussing experiential and symbolic levels. Do you understand?”

“Not really. Can I have a Big Mac, please?”

“If we were counting using actual Big Macs we would be organising our thoughts in an experiential manner.”


“If we counted using the bits of card around the Big Mac, we would be counting using symbolic terms.”

“You mean the covering of the Big Macs is symbolic – and the real Big Mac is what we eat?”

“Exactly. I am proud of you.”

“Please can we go now?”

“Where would you like to go?”

“To get a Big Mac, please.”

(The logic of a ten year old!)

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