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Thursday, June 06, 2013

Is the Eleven Plus a Sound Investment?

I have a book, published in 1929, which outlines `The Case for Nursery Schools’. A person called E. Chataway bought the book in 1942. What E. Chataway thought of the book is hard to tell.

There is a most interesting chapter on `Some Financial Considerations’. If I may quote: “The actual average annual expenditure on food for ten nursery schools is £4.00, of which £3.00 is repaid. The average cost of school day is 3d a head of which an average of 2d is received from the parents.”

Eleven Plus Questions:

Is encouraging your child to attend a Nursery School a sound investment?

Is 2d worth at least ten times as much today?

Do children find positive good in studying for the eleven plus?

How can you tell if all the time and effort that is put into helping a child pass the eleven plus is a sound investment?

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