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Monday, October 16, 2006

Eleven Plus and Two Left Feet

All sorts of people say that they can not dance and they have: `Two Left Feet.’ This works very well - but what happens when they go to a party? That is the time when the grooving moves come out. Some chemical is liberated in the brain and, after protesting to everyone in ear shot, the dance strut takes place.

Some times it is not the alcohol that brings out the athlete - some times it is simply dancing round handbags that encourages wanton moves.

The day of reckoning comes, however, when different videos show the sprightly `artist’ performing. That then is time for the: `Do you remember?’ chorus to start. Invariably the `Two Left Feet’ brigade are the ones who want to see the re-run of the videos. The viewing is often accompanied by friendly but apposite comments.

The `I can’t dance!’ troupe sometime become the butt of ribald but timely criticism.
The cruel words are easily forgotten - unless they come from an already hated member of the family.

The sweet loving comments are remembered.

Your 11+ child may have to go through the whole routine if unwelcome results emerge. There may be some easily forgotten aunt who mumbles: `Well his father never did it so why should he?’ It could even be: `His second cousin, Aunt Mildred, of course passed her Eleven plus - but you know what they say about that side of the family.’

Simply remind your child not to complain about the tricky paper. Warn too, about your child blaming the teacher for everything and anything including finishing the examination 20 minutes early and allowing a fight in the examination room. `I could not concentrate because of the noise.’ is almost as bad as: `I can’t dance. I have two left feet.’

`Two left feet’ is an idiom meaning that people with two left feet can not dance.’

`The room was noisy and I could not concentrate’ is an idiom for …….’

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