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Sunday, October 22, 2006

Keeping the Eleven Plus Simple

Naturally with a such a short time to go to the 11+ examinations you will not want your 11+ child to be stuck over books all weekend. You will want a family bonding session to show your love and confidence.

You may decide to go fishing as there are carp to be caught in November. Many fisher folk use breakfast food for bait for carp - including sausages, bacon and bread. I am sure that it is general interest to know that there is considerable discussion about whether the sausages should be cooked or uncooked.

The following applies if one of your family should get caught by a fish hook:

Send the case to the nearest doctor or Accident Unit - if one is available. If not:

Cleanse the wound with an antiseptic.
Do not try to pull the hook out.
If you can, push the point and the barb of the hook through the skin.
Cut the barb off.
Withdraw the hook.
Apply a sterile dressing.

Send the case to the nearest Accident and Emergency centre.

The point of this fishy story is do not try to give too much detail. There may be a need to discuss the state of the sausages - but I can not see any point in discussing pushing the point of a hook through the skin and cutting the barb off. Give help with key 11+ topics but do not go into too much detail. Keep it simple at this stage.

Simplify your own personal routine until the examinations are over to allow you time to savour the build up to the examinations. You will never go through such pressure again. The GCSE and A level examinations are cinch compared to the eleven plus.

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