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Monday, October 30, 2006

The Three Card Trick

(Words parents want to hear.)

When your child greets you after school, or after a lesson, you are sometimes offered rather a short reply to your well meaning question.

`Did you have a good day at school?’ Can be followed by:


Did you learn anything new and interesting?


Do you have any homework?


It is time to take direct action. Insist on a three sentence reply. Here are some answers you really do want to hear: Write the answers on cards, shuffle the cards and hand three cards at random to your child as soon as you make eye contact.

1. `Yes thank you. I had a nice day at school today. I tried hard and did my best.'

2. `My teacher praised me because I did some good mathematics and I was able to help others because I knew how to do the mathematics.'

3. `The new box of pencils granny gave me for my birthday was very useful because no one else had the same shade of pink. I am going to write to granny to thank her.'

4. `I liked assembly today because our Head Teacher told us how easy it is to work hard and do well at school. Our Head Teacher is funny and I like the jokes. I am going to try some of the suggestions.'

5. `We wrote a long story today and my teacher said my spelling is much better. I used the dictionary we bought on holiday and it had all the words I needed.'

6. `The dinner lady made me laugh because she said I have a cheeky face. I like her and I liked the lunch we were given.'

7. `Mummy, Mummy, Mummy I am going to be a cabbage in the school play. I am going to sing the cabbage song. I have to wear a green cabbage costume.' (By tomorrow????)

8. `Everyone liked my new shoes. Thank you for buying them for me. I am going to look after them very carefully.'

9. `We were given lots of homework today. I am going to do the work as soon as we get home. I am looking forward to the homework because I like mathematics.'

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