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Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Two Little Words

When we run our 11+ courses we deliver a series of `pep talk’. The talks range from `The Night Before’ to `How to be pleasant to your parents.’ One message we try to put across is to remember to say thank you to your parents.

`Thank you mother, I really enjoyed that lesson. We went over some verbal reasoning exercises that I enjoyed. The maths was stimulating as we revised division of decimals and then went over proportion again. I can’t wait to go back.’ Familiar words?

We always watch the parents and the children as they meet during and after the course. Naturally some conversations go:

`Hello Dear, did you have a good time?


`Did you learn anything new?’

`Mum. What is for supper?’

Now as a mother you have just forked out a fortune for your child’s education. The immortal words: `I am only doing it for you,’ spring to mind. What you would really like to hear is an in depth analysis of the day – culminating in your child’s success after adversity – and going on to win the prize of the best student of the day.

In some of the sessions we rehearse what parents really want to her – but if our efforts are not to your liking why not adopt a purposeful approach to the conversation? Before your child leaves to go to a lesson, or attend a course, hand him, or her, a small card. On the card write the three questions and the three answers you want to hear. We will do our part – we will whisper a reminder. You child should then approach you with a big smile and say:

`Mum, guess what?’

`Yes Dear?’

`It was the best …… ever.’

(Then you know you will have had your money’s worth.)

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