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Saturday, February 10, 2007

10 Points to Think About

How are you going to build your child’s confidence? It is easy for a parent to keep saying, “ We know you are able. We know that you are doing well at school. We have faith in you.” On some occasions these uplifting words may wear a little thin. You may find that you need to build a new line of `confidence building’ words.

“You know that you are creative and that are you capable of thinking. Try looking at the problem from a number of different views.”

“If you feel that you are blocked, and you don’t know what to do, why don’t you consider that you may have to learn new techniques? Think!”

“When you are talking about the examinations, don’t be afraid to express your thoughts to us as your parents or to your teachers and tutors. If you do not speak up we do not know what you are thinking about.”

“If you can’t find the solution to a question, of if the question seems to be a real puzzle, why don’t you leave the question and come back to it later on?”


“If you not in the mood, and it seems that you are feeling unhappy about working, than you have remember why you are doing this work. Obviously you want to please us - but it is more important that you want to please yourself.”

“Take a look at yourself. Try to create all the right conditions for work. Make sure that you keep your working area tidy. Keep your desk uncluttered. Collect all the books and materials you will need for your work before you start work. You may find it hard to concentrate if you are jumping up and down.”

“Decide if you want to work alone, or if you want some one in the room with you. If you do want a change please talk about it - and don’t leave it for us to try to guess what is in your mind.”

“Think about when you would like to do this extra work. Would you prefer to get up early and do the extra work before you go to school? Do you find it easier to get every thing done as soon as you get back from school? Is after the evening meal the best time for you?”

“Does it really make a difference if you have music on?”

“Even though you have struggled with this type of question before, you do need to be positive and try to think of other possible solutions. Just keep an open mind and think of something new.”

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