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Thursday, February 15, 2007

Improving The Odds

We would all like our children to have a house like this one day. We know in our hearts that we need to spend time and effort in helping our children to pass eleven plus examinations. What we don’t know is if we will be altering the odds. We hope that a child who works hard at grammar school and goes to a good university will have an increased chance of owning a lovely home.

• 6 Bedrooms
• 6 Bathrooms
• 4 Receptions
An exceptional family house lavishly appointed with extremely spacious accommodation, wonderful entertaining rooms and a superb indoor swimming pool complex including 5 reception rooms, playroom, games room, pool room with sauna, gym and 6 bedrooms (5 suites). There is a substantial south facing sun terrace. Parkland grounds of approximately 3.5 acres.
If you have other questions about this property …..

We are all extremely thankful that girls now have as good a chance of as boys of doing well at school and university. So we know that it is not the gender of the child or the opportunity of finding enriching and stimulating work that stops all of us from owning a house like this. Inheriting the money too is also not the only route. The lottery? Well that gives us a chance – but quite poor odds.

There must be some dynamic that tips the odds in favour of one person or another. When we are working with our eleven plus children we can not control the odds – all we can do is try to provide a rich and fertile foundation.

We want our children to work hard. We want success. We want drive and desire. There must also be an element of dreaming in the whole equation.

So you will have done your best as a parent. You can not quite come up with the full amount of money to be able to gift the entire property to your child. You are going to have to be content with your lot. So one Sunday afternoon look on the internet for homes worth more than a million pounds. Plot a little map. Pile the family into the car. Take a little drive. Spend a few minutes at the gates doing a little dreaming of your own. Offer up a little prayer that your child will have better odds than you had.

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