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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Keeping Your Mind Off the Unfolding Events

Friday, for many of us, is an important day. The eleven plus results for many families will drop through the door. Careful preparation is required.

You have Wednesday and Thursday to tidy the house. Naturally part of that time will be spent in tidying the bedroom of the candidate. Clothes must be put away neatly and drawers reorganised. Don’t forget to clean the windows too!

Next you need a list. You need to plan for Friday afternoon and Friday evening. These are the key times for you and your child. You might decide to take the family for a swim to burn off all that pent up energy. You may try to bring as many members of the family round for a meal. The presence of so many loved and familiar ones will help you and your child to take your mind off the unfolding events of the day.

Now we come to Saturday. It is vital to plan an action packed day – with the proviso that it should not be an expensive day. There is simply no need to go over the top – whatever the results. You do not need to spend vast amounts of money to show your love and support for your child. Just think of familiar activities. Go for ideas that will make the day as memorable as possible. A visit to the cinema may help to keep everyone’s mind off what has just happened. If possible a long walk before bedtime will help all concerned to feel relaxed. Perhaps you can borrow a neighbour’s dog?

Sunday is the big day. You still have not had enough time for introspection and worry. You still don’t need to spend too much money. Having said that, perhaps a little retail therapy will help? A new CD or DVD could help? A new shirt or blouse may brighten up the day. Then embark on a planned drive to find some water.

Generations of people have found solace beside running water. It could be the sea, or a river or a dam. We hope that there will be some water of some kind reasonably close. You will then have time for a picnic lunch, a stroll by the water and a stretch in the fresh air.

You should be able to arrive home relaxed and pleasantly weary. A bit of T.V. and off to bed.

There can’t be much difference in your approach if your child has passed or failed. You still want to have a pleasant weekend – and not have enough time to think too much about the future. But if you plan for a weekend of family, food and exercise then you will feel much better.

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