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Saturday, February 24, 2007

A debating point.

We are often advised not to bury our heads in the sand. This can mean that we refuse to acknowledge a problem. Children at school are taught about ostriches running around sticking their heads in the sand when danger approaches. We can take this statement at face value or we can challenge it.

What possible reasons could there be for ostriches to appear to stick their heads in the sand?

It may be that the ostriches were simply laying their heads on the sand to listen to sounds.

If they were unfit ostriches they may even have been resting their heads on the ground because of the weight of their long necks.

Ostriches are also inclined to look into bushes to see what is there. They are inquisitive birds after all.

Every bright ten year old will be looking at a problem such as this a declaiming: “If an ostrich actually did stick its head into the sand it would most likely suffocate.”

If this is true does it also mean that if we refuse to acknowledge a problem it will go away? Try debating this point with your ten year old.

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