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Sunday, February 25, 2007

Keeping relaxed.

“The results are due out very shortly. I am so worried for my son. He seemed to be so relaxed about the examinations.”

We know that a football team should not appear too relaxed before setting out on an important match. This would mean that they are not keyed up enough. If the team fail the manager is blamed.

We have heard about horses being `relaxed’ in the paddock before a big race. This would mean that the horse is not sweating unduly - and is enjoying the occasion. If the horse is relaxed the trainer is praised.

“The bride looked beautiful. She was calm and relaxed as she dreamed down the isle.” If a bride is calm and relaxed this may be down to the large shot her chief bridesmaid fed her a few minutes before.

“The F1 Driver was his usual calm and relaxed self before the start of the race.” Well he would have to be. It would be no use to anyone if his heartbeat went up too high at the start of a race.

Just because your heart is beating with fear and anticipation it does not necessary mean that your son is just as nervous. You may do well to recall that:

You have worked hard with your son over a sensible period of time.

He felt well prepared going into the examination.

You have told him that he was not to worry - and that he should do his best.

So good luck to the whole family!

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