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Saturday, April 26, 2008

The Dewey Decimal System and the Eleven Plus

Most libraries number books under the Dewey Decimal classification. Under this system, each book is given a class number from 000 to 999. Since this number indicates a class more than one book can have the same number.

All the 999 classes divide up into ten sections. Education is within Social Sciences.

`Social Sciences’ is numbered from 300 to 399.

Education falls within 370 and 379.

The number for information on schools is 371.

Anyone can walk into a library and head straight for 371. Schools and their activities come under 371. The number for Schools and the internet is 371. School Teaching is 371.

Some of your children will any way have some smattering of the Dewey Decimal system – because some school libraries do organise their books in this method,

The next time you take your child to the library take a few moments to share the excitement of rediscovering the Dewey Decimal system together.

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