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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Eleven Plus Points of View

Some battles between Eleven Plus children and their parents bring to mind the forces that developed our world.

180 million years ago the fragmentation of a super continent began a rift between Africa and America.

65 million years ago South America had completely separated from Africa, India had drifted northwards and Australia was on its own.

Much more recently India collided with Asia – and the crash resulted in the Himalayas.

Millions of years ahead East Africa will separate from Africa and Australia will drift northwards.

A heated discussion between a mother and child about work could bring two immovable objects into collision.

Heated discussions between parents and children pass over. Family rifts heal. Children and parents hug and make up.

Work, in time gets done.

Child’s Point Of View

“It is unfair to blame me for not working when you want me to work.”

“You keep on trying to make me work – but I don’t like working from those books. They are boring.”

Parent’s Point Of View

“I have to keep repeating myself. We have gone over this ground again and again. You need to do your Eleven Plus work before you do anything else.”

“We have set days and times for you to work. You know what you have to do. Why do you argue so much?”

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