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Thursday, April 03, 2008

Eleven Plus Tests

It is very difficult to be able to measure just how much a child has learnt. What a test can do is provide information in the form of a snap shot. “This is what this child ha been able to do at this moment in time.”

We can set a child objectives – and then we can try to measure to see if the child has reached the objective.

We can work out what has not been achieved – and then try to give the necessary help.

If we are teaching a child towards an Eleven Plus examination we can see just how effective our teaching is.

When parents are working from commercially available Eleven Plus papers they are pleased when their child reaches a predetermined level.

"Yes, my son, we did want you to reach 55% on this paper. Well done."

"Oh, no! You have only obtained 93%. Last time you reached 96%. You have to keep concentrating. I have told you about this before."

"If you don't reach 75% on this paper I will take your ipod, computer and your drums away. You need to try much harder this time."

Parents are setting objectives all the time. There could, however, be material in the papers that have not been covered in lessons or at school.

Thankfully very few parents set unrealistic goals for their children.

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