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Monday, May 19, 2008

Eleven Plus Bribes

If you are going to bribe your Eleven Plus child – what would be attractive to your child?

1. Money

The problem here is how much money:

A) Under £100?
B) Under £500?

The next part of this problem is how you pay the money. I should imagine that most children would prefer at least some money to be paid upfront. Waiting until the results are out could be a gamble for some. Should the money be paid:

A) Weekly
B) Monthly
C) A substantial deposit and smaller weekly payments
D) Money right at the end – on actually passing

2. Essential Equipment

Define essential

A) Can be taken on holiday
B) Ipod
C) Wii
D) Laptop
E) TV with DVD

3. Clothing

A) Holiday
B) Essential (School)
C) Leisure Wear
D) Party Wear

4. Repayment of Previous Loan

This is where parents try to recoup money loaned earlier:

A) Staged Repayment
B) Partial Repayment
C) Full Repayment
D) Debt paid in full

Why not put these options to your child? Some children will say:

A) I can not take any money from you – you have already done so much for me.
B) Thank you – but what about a bit more?
C) You are so kind. I will do my best. If I pass we can discuss your kind offer.

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