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Saturday, May 31, 2008

Eleven Plus Study

You face a real dilemma. The rest of the family want to be a family with lots of noise, hearty discussions and constant movement around the house. Where and how is your most precious Eleven Plus child going to be able to work?

The bed room is out because that particular room is next door to the neighbourhood’s favourite DJ. There will be constant music, loud noise and a pair of speakers that could be heard across the River Thames.

The lounge is out because this is TV territory. No arguments. No discussion. This is the one place in the house were TV can be watched peacefully. (The lounge also has the largest flat screen TV.)

The kitchen is out because quite simply there is too much going on.

Where else could Eleven Plus work take place? The second reception? The study? The spare bedroom? The garage? Where ever you suggest there will be some form of dissention.

The solution of course is easy. Buy and build a shed in the garden. The steps to success are easy.

The shed does not need to be too elaborate – a simple potting shed would do. Build a base. Buy the shed, construct the shed, put in lighting and heating. You only need to furnish the shed with a simple desk, two chairs, a book case and a little fridge. You will need the fridge for the bottled water.

Mount your telescope so that you have a good view of the door. Install the walkie talkie system – as this will save countless trips to the shed.

As a final defensive gesture build a little picket fence around the shed.

Throw an `Eleven Plus Shed Party’.

Pray that the novelty of visiting the shed will wear off the rest of the family.

Have that warm feeling in your heart that you have done everything possible for your child. Have that additional strength in your heart that once the Eleven Plus examinations are over, you will be able to claim the shed for yourself.

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