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Thursday, May 08, 2008

Eleven Plus Potential

When parents are working with their children towards the Eleven Plus they are striving to try to deliver true potential.

They hope that the Eleven Plus material will be carefully selected and well structured. They also hope that their child will receive attention directed towards specific difficulties.

To deliver a cheerful, interested and enthusiastic child on the day of the examination, parents will need to be knowledgeable, committed and ambitious.

If parents use boring and repetitive material they run the risk of reinforcing that study needs to be boring and repetitive. Parents will want their child to prepare for examinations at his or her own pace. Some children, however, will react to boring exercises by rushing through the work. Others will drag the work out until the work is distinguished by a pace that is undeniably slow and undemanding.

If the Eleven Plus child is sometimes un-cooperative then a penalty may be regarded as rank injustice. Some parents may be inclined to listen and wait for a different occasion. An unwilling child may not feel like showing `true potential’.

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