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Saturday, September 27, 2008

Eleven Plus Latin and Greek

There used to be many more grammar schools some years ago.

A Royal Commission in 1819 looked at why Latin and Greek were the preferred languages of the grammar school. The commission did a long term study over twenty years.

Think of the impact on Eleven Plus preparation if Eleven Plus children were expected to have more than a smattering of Latin and Greek in the entrance tests.

This would return tutoring for the Eleven Plus to a select few.

“My son has his Eleven Plus examinations in October of 2009. I have a number of questions, please, that I would like answered:

Do you do mathematics and verbal reasoning together in the same lesson – or do I have to have more than one tutor?

Is your Latin and Greek tutor able to communicate a love of learning as well as impart the basic elements of grammar?”

An Act of Parliament in 1840 allowed governors and trustees of grammar schools to be able to apply discretion in the matter of compulsory Latin and Greek.

It would probably take more than an Act of Parliament in today’s world to secure Latin and Greek as part of the selection process.

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