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Friday, September 19, 2008

Eleven Plus Luck

A mother and daughter came to see us today.

The girl is at grammar school in Year 10.

“My daughter has come to see you to see if she can have a job with you.”

“Good morning. Please take a seat. My name is Shaun Drury.”

“Yes, you tested my daughter some years ago and said that she should be able to pass her Eleven Plus with out the benefit of extra lessons.”

“And how did go?”

“I am enjoying grammar school now. There is lots of work but the school is very good to us.”

“What will you be studying during `A’ levels?”

“Mainly the sciences. I am starting to do some `A’ level subjects all ready. How do I get a job here?”

“It is done through a covering letter and a C.V. The application is a formal process. We have Investors in People status. You will be contacted as soon as we have a vacancy. We then send you an on line Induction Park. The pack covers details of the post and information about how and when you will be trained.

You will then be invited to join our on line staff room where you will meet the other members of staff in all our centres. Your training will be given by your teacher in charge – and through our on line training suite.”

With this background we will soon have a valuable member of our team. We have a family that trusted us when we said that the work the family doing at home was enough – and that extra lessons were not needed. This is a major benefit of doing standardised tests with children before any lessons are offered.

The parents saved hundred of pounds of extra lessons fees.

The daughter was told that she was bright enough to be able to pass if she kept working hard at school and at home.

We will have the opportunity of working with an extremely bright young woman – who, if we can capture her imagination, will be a bright and loyal member of the team. We feel sure she will pass her enthusiasm and dedication on to the children she works with. What a role model for our young Eleven Plus candidates.

Does this sound like a lucky organisation?

You are not granted luck at the Eleven Plus stage – you earn it.

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