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Monday, September 01, 2008

The Eleven Plus Invigilator

I had my car windows cleaned inside and out with vinegar over the weekend. This was not any old vinegar – it was honest to goodness white virgin vinegar. The windscreen wipers were also burnished.

Vinegar is an acid – and old fashioned spinsters are sometimes referred to as `vinegarish’ if they have a tart tongue and an acid disposition. Some children do not mind being taught by what is commonly called an `old battleaxe’ because they know exactly where they stand. The children expect no favors and do not seek any. We all know, however, that beneath that heart of stone there always lies a warm hearted and compassionate educator.

Children are never sure of where they stand if their teacher is happy and makes jokes one moment – and then bawls them out the next.

It may be worth while discussing the role of the invigilator in the Eleven Plus process.

Reiterate that the invigilator may appear to be stearn and unyielding but explain that an invigilator can not show any preferences or favours.

Explain that just because a person does not smile it does not mean that you are not liked.

Talk about how the invigilator is there to do a job.

Remind your child, if necessary, to be unfailingly polite.

Above all remind your child that he or she can communicate with adults. Remind your child of all the occasions when he or she has showed maturity and confidence with adults.

Remind your child of why adults enjoy his or her company.

Let your child go into the examination with a smile for the invigilator - and confidence in the heart.

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