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Monday, September 22, 2008

Eleven Plus Stress

Parents of Eleven Plus children, almost by definition, want high quality education. The parents will hope that the schools are making sure that their children will have a well balanced education. A high quality education, and a well balanced education, is one where parents hope that there are no gaps in key areas, and also an education where their children are stimulated and involved.

Most parents are reasonably confident that they can provide a quality education outside of school for their Eleven Plus children. This does not necessary mean that there is a need to engage a top quality tutor – quality education can simply be an environment where a child feels secure and accepted.

The Eleven Plus examinations are a challenge for the whole family. After all the Eleven Plus examination is essentially looking at aspects of cognitive development. The intellectual skills of children are measured. Contrasts between boys and girls can be highlighted – not only in sex roles but in the ability and desire to assimilate information.

Relationships between mothers and fathers may alter as the examination grows close. For parents to be effective in their `Guidance Role’ they also need to be very aware of the changes that will take place in their children during the Eleven Plus year. Some families will find the whole experience stressful – while others will take it all in their stride.

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