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Thursday, September 18, 2008

Eleven Plus Parents

Parents approach the Eleven Plus examinations in a variety of ways. This discussion, therefore, needs to be more theoretical than an attempt to place parents into categories.

The Rule Follower

This is the Eleven Plus mother who thinks that she has to follow rules to help her child.

She wants the best books, the best tutor, the best information and the best possible chance for her child.

She thinks that if she surrounds herself with expert advice from other parents, a wide range of websites and every possible source of information, then her child will have a better chance.

The Loving and Accepting Parent

These are the parents who believe that their child can do no wrong.

They do the best they can.

Other parents may think they are quite soft.

Parents who understand the system

These could be second timers. They are both informed and laid back.

They have been there before. They are confident of their child’s ability.

Parents who understand how their behaviour affects their children

There are mums and dads who understand that if they are too intense they may place pressure on their children.

They understand that if they never read then they can not expect their children to read.

They know if they speak about school, the teachers and the tutors in uncomplimentary terms it is possible that their children who react accordingly.

At different times parents will feel the need to follow rules, at other times the same parents will be accepting and understanding. They will also realise that they can not run the institution down before their children. The different roles will merge and flow during the course of week in the life of an Eleven Plus child.

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