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Sunday, August 31, 2008

Eleven Plus Motivational Speeches (1)

All over the country parents will be honing their pre Eleven Plus speeches. These are the words that parents will issue in ringing tones as their children go forth to enter the fray of the Eleven Plus.

Naturally the words of Henry V will come to mind. `Once more into the breech, dear friends,” will spring to mind. Henry was trying to mobilise his troops before battle.

“Once more into the Eleven Plus,
My dear child.

Make sure the night before ye examination you do go to bed real early,
To allow full rest and repose.
Try to ensure that your faithful chauffeur transports you
To the examination place on time.
Ask mother (or father) to avoid known traffic blackspots.

Bring everything you need to the searching examination,
Including pencils, rubbers and a calm and steady beating heart.
Look not upon the ashen faces of the other children.
Remember their fear is shown on their faces.
You keep your fear well hidden and preserve a reserve that all will envy.

Look carefully at your watch at regular moments in the examination.
Remember that to waste time can cost much.
If you are involved in multiple choice questions,
Complete the answers carefully.
Eliminate answers that can not possibly be true.
Yes – be true to your second reading of the question.
The second reading may give more insight than a hurried first reading.

You hold the family’s hopes with you.
Fight the good fight.
Dream the good dream.
Achieve the impossible.

Our love and thoughts are with you. Go well my child – and believe in yourself.
All you can do is your best.

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