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Friday, August 15, 2008

New Eleven Plus Ideas

It is always interesting to see other people’s thoughts on education. I am not quite sure of the age of this blogger – but it seems that she has strong views on giving up her Friday nights for extra tuition.

The spelling and general syntax is fascinating to read. We can look back at the language of Shakespeare and Chaucer and see how much language has changed over the years. Perhaps the following passage is a glimpse into the present and the future.

hate that my fri nights are eaten up my tuition.. meaning no more fri gatherings till e end of yr when most prob i wont continue with e tuition. argh.. the sacrifice i suffered for money. lol. i kinda of like this new kid.. jus tt i feel tt 2 times a wk eats up too much of my time.. or maybe one of e days are on fri nites, tt's y. havin extra tuition on this sun.. requested by e kid.. she's clever.. jus tt she lacks confident.. and it's understandable when u r in a gd sch with all those fierce competition around us.

Our Eleven Plus children should make perfect sense of the sentiments expressed in the passage – as well as be able to enjoy the spelling and the language. All the children who have the privilege of being able to write an essay or a passage towards the Eleven Plus may enjoy an essay demanding:

Using modern text English, what are your views on the Eleven Plus? Make sure your plan covers:

Your thoughts and feelings on being examined to reach a grammar school.

How you react to competition.

Should you have to give up your Friday nights for extra study?

(Remember enriched text spelling and punctuation earn extra marks.)

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