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Monday, August 25, 2008

Eleven Plus and the Grammar School

“I want my child to attend `Grammar’ because I want the very best.’ These are words spoken (or dreamt) by many parents. But what is that `little bit extra’ that parents hope that the grammar school will provide?

Many grammar schools have a proud tradition. A number of grammar schools date back hundreds of years. Some are even housed in imposing buildings. Others, however, rely on their `old boys’ to maintain tradition. It is very difficult to quantify the influence of the success of a school’s predecessors. Good role models are possibly a key element in learning to successful.

Some pupils may even be influenced by the fact that they are sitting in the same classroom as an already famous past pupil. Parents are only too happy to be able to say:

“If you open your mind you too can do it.”

“Use your own talents to carve yourself a career of distinction.”

“You too will develop your own already strong character – and you too will become a leader.”

“Try not to abuse your gifts. Do the work to the required standard – and on time.”

“It is vital that you plan ahead. You can not continue living from day to day.”

“You know that school is a stepping stone to the future. Believe in yourself. Be confident in these surroundings. Just do your best.”

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