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Friday, August 08, 2008

Eleven Plus Thoughts

2nd January 2008 - `I have no chance of passing the Eleven Plus. I don’t want to do it. Just because Uncle Cook went to grammar does not mean that I have to go.’

8th February 2008 - `I have told you one hundred times that I do not want a tutor. I don’t want to do the Eleven Plus.’

14th February 2008 - `I suppose it was all right. She was nice to me and didn’t laugh when I made a mistake.’

23rd March 2008 - `Yes I know I have to do my homework. Just let me finish what I am doing.’

12th April 2008 - `Please can you help me with this verbal reasoning? I think I know what I am doing but I want to make sure.’

2nd May 2008 - `I know it is time for supper – just let me finish what I am doing. I want to do better than last time.’

5th June 2008 - `No thank you. I don’t want to go to the cinema with everyone. The film is so boring. Besides I have finish my Eleven Plus Work.’

`17th July 2008 - `Yes, I am finding it all a little easier. It is much better when Dad can help me. He does not nag as much – but you are good Mum at what you can do.’

19th July 2008 - `Well Dad can’t be home in time so I suppose you will have to help. Oh! I didn’t know that you could do them. Thanks Mum. You are brilliant.’

14th August 2008 - `I am going to phone Uncle Cook. I want to go to the same grammar school as he went to. I like work now. My teacher at school says I’m getting better. I am in the top group for maths now and I really like it.’

2nd September 2008 - `I know the exams are close. I can’t wait. I like doing papers – they are so easy. When I get stuck I know what to do. It is so easy now.’

28th September 2008 - `It was brill. I could do everything. Do you know Uncle Cook; I would like to be in your house at school. I can’t wait.’

Some day in March 2009 - `I can’t believe it!’

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