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Wednesday, August 06, 2008

The Eleven Plus Quick Fix

There are no short cuts to Eleven Plus success.

Every single athlete at the approaching Olympics will have prepared and planned.

Our ten year olds also have to prepare and plan. Some will relish the challenge while others will be a lot more cautious.

Some of the grammar schools in our area require a written exercise. The English is only used for evidence - so there is no pass or fail mark.

We show the children a series of different type of essays and give help with planning. One topic was: Should there be speed cameras near schools?

We were offered a remarkably mature and carefully reasoned answer. It could have been an adult writing. In the penultimate paragraph, however, she appeared to move onto another plane and started writing about congestion charging.

If any one has ever been fined for a late payment of a congestion charge please let me know. This little would be lawyer will be able to out argue the whole of Transport for London. It seems the father paid the enhanced fine in the end.

I hope that this little one does not go to work for Transport for London in future years - otherwise we will all be paying as an super-expensive rate.

We can safely think that her Eleven Plus preparation will be meticulous and carefully planned. I doubt that she will have much to say about the amount of work she does. If she does communicate about her studies it will be to a most trusted person. She, no doubt, will have read Alice in Wonderland at a very early age:

For this ever be
A secret, kept from the rest,
Between yourself and me.

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