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Friday, August 01, 2008

Eleven Plus Mothers

This blog is for mothers who have ten to eleven year old sons who occasionally make smart remarks.

There is a tribe called the Marquesans where there is shortage of women. The result is that there are households made up of a head `husband and father’, a wife and a group of `secondary husbands’. The women tend to be the dominant members of `the family’.

The job of bringing up the children is left to the secondary husbands.

So when our Eleven Plus mother says: ’I don’t know, ask your father’, the Marquesan child can choose any number of fathers. If Number 2 Dad can’t work it out the lucky Eleven Plus child could ask Dad Number 3.

All I can think is, that the typical Marquesan mother is a very lucky woman to have all those men running around after her.

Imagine being able to call on six different husbands to have `a serious talk’ with your ten year old about any alleged smart remarks.

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