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Saturday, November 08, 2008

The Eleven Plus and Money Mon 3rd

In today’s world we need to save money. Years and years ago the village teacher was often in a single room school built by the squire – and the salary was supported by parents bringing money, food and offerings. Children often used to have to leave school early to help their parents with work around the home or the farm.

One of the reasons for the Eleven Plus examinations being introduced was to find children from less well off families – and offer them a fast track form of education.

Some of our grammar school children will be ready to take a range of GCSE topics early. They will then have time to complete their `A’ levels early. Some grammar school children could cut a year off their `A’ levels and leave school a year early. This would save grammar schools considerable money.

We see over and over again the rate at which motivated eleven year old children can absorb information. We sometimes wonder too at their ability to retain facts and methods. Some children are able to demonstrate, very early on, that they can use and apply what they have been taught. The grammar schools are able to absorb these bright and motivated young people – and continue to stimulate and engage them.

There are 168 Grammar Schools. Around five thousand pounds a year is being spent, at the moment, on each child. It would fall to an `consultant’ to be able to work out just how much money could be saved.

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