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Monday, November 10, 2008

We all know what `Hedonic Tone’ is – we usually use a different name. Hedonic Tone has a lot to do with judgements. Hedonic tone varies in a single continuous scale from Very Unpleasant through to Indifference and then on to Very Pleasant.

Judgement Hedonic Tone

Very Unpleasant -3
Unpleasant -2
Moderately unpleasant -1
Indifferent 0
Moderately pleasant +1
Pleasant +2
Very Pleasant +3

With this basic information it must be relatively easily for a parent to establish a current `Eleven Plus Hedonic Tone’. A range of scores can be established. Discuss some of the following with your child. Develop a table. Write down the score for each item. Add the scores at the end to establish your own `Eleven Plus Hedonic Tone’.

Working on Verbal Reasoning Papers

Reading `good’ books

Learning mathematics rules and definitions

Starting on Eleven Plus Work

Attitude of siblings

Listening to parents talk about the Eleven Plus

Receiving rewards for doing good Eleven Plus work.

Keeping the work area tidy

This is not an exclusive list – because so much will depend on your own child. Once you have all the scores together you are in a position to analyse and discuss the results. We imagine, for example, that it must be easier to read a pleasant book than an unpleasant one.

What you are really trying to find out is if it is possible for you to help your child to turn into a mathematician if you offer lots of rewards. Many parents find out that praise acts as a strong reward to an Eleven Plus child!

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