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Sunday, November 30, 2008

Eleven Plus Food Saturday 29/11/08

What do you offer your child on the morning of the Eleven Plus examination? You could offer organic cereal, a fry up or fish. Each food could have some attractive elements to your child on the day of the examination:

The `Nature Path’ organic `Mesa Sunrise’ Gluten Free, Omega 3, containing Flax, Corn and Amaranth cereal may help. There are no Trans Fats, it is low in saturates and is packaged in an `Enviro Box’. This is a Canadian product so has a rather tenuous link with the Eleven Plus examination.

The instructions to prepare read:

Empty two handfuls of cereal into a bowl. Add milk and sugar to taste. Enjoy.

On the other hand your child may prefer a good old fashioned fry up of bacon and eggs.
For those parents who never offer their children anything but `good and wholesome’ food here is a little reminder:

Heat the frying pan with a spoonful of good, wholesome Spanish olive oil. Carefully place the strips of lean smokey bacon in the pan and cook until crispy. The smell of cooking bacon will lift the spirits of your child as he anticipates a full ‘fry up’! Black pudding and tomato are a good addition at this stage. The black pudding particularly has a beneficial effect as it ‘feeds the brain’ …. according to the Scots who are experts in this field. (It also promotes a sense of well being). Finally the eggs must be fried ensuring that the ‘white’ is not runny and the ‘yellow’ is! Your child will be delighted with this treat for breakfast and it will help store up the energy he or she needs to work through the examination effectively all day.

Perhaps you could combine the two?

Many parents may prefer to give their child fish food. Not the flaky bits you offer to your goldfish – but a dish of sardines perhaps.

Take a tin of sardines and warm them up in a saucepan.
A slice of bread, toasted and buttered
Place aforementioned sardines on aforementioned toast
Sit down and enjoy.

Excellent brain food or not as the case may be.

The sustaining food you offer on the day of the examination could make the difference between a pass or a fail.

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