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Sunday, November 09, 2008

Pre Eleven Plus Attitudes

Back in 1969 an eminent lecturer called King wrote a study called the “Values and Involvement in a Grammar School”. His work naturally stimulated considerable discussion and interest.

Among his many findings he provided a list of pupil’s interest and activities ordered according to the extent to which they receive teachers’ overall approval and disapproval.

1 Reading worthwhile books
2 Camping
3 Debating
4 Theatre visits
6 Amateur dramatics
Painting and drawing
9 Playing an Instrument
10 Listening to Classical Music
Natural History

The final numbers included:

50 Visiting Jazz Clubs
51 Paper round
52 Wearing teenage fashions
53 Hitch-hiking
54 Ten pin bowling
55 Seeing X certificate films
56 Billiards and Snooker
57 Visiting public houses (legally)
58 Motor Bikes
59 Reading Novel emphasising sex and violence
60 Smoking

We are now in 2009. This is some forty years after King’s work. It would be very interesting take a similar survey of pupils’ interests and attitudes. Books and the theatre back in 1969 were numbers 1 and 4. There was no mention T.V. Classical Music was number 10 – but visiting Jazz Clubs number 50.

Today’s list would probably need to include television, computer games and the internet.

Parents may care to develop a list of interests held dear by their pre Eleven Plus children – and we would be delighted to summarise the results. Please email your findings.

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