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Friday, November 14, 2008

The Eleven Plus Dream

Along with reminding your child hope to cope with analogies and series you could also, occasionally, remind your child of Thomas Edison. Back in 1893 Thomas Edison invented the Kinetoscope, which was a wooden cabinet through which light was projected onto a screen.

It was left to the opening of the first nickelodeon to make an invention into a commercial success. The price of admission was 5c (thus explaining the name). The price was kept down by stripping the theatre venue to bare essentials. He opened from eight in the morning until 12 at night. By 1914 the nickelodeon had seven million daily admissions.

By the mid 1980s the spread of videocassettes and satellite and cable television had reduced movie attendance. The introduction of megaplexes helped to raise attendance.

We now have the internet and wide screens – so that our aspiring Eleven Plus children can live the Eleven Plus dream 24 hours a day. Our eleven plus children can watch explanations of mathematics problems, have their verbal reasoning questions explained and learn when and where they are in the mood.

Parents can look up answers to the more complex questions – and share their problems and concerns about the Eleven Plus with other parents. The cost of communicating on an online forum must be much less than a telephone call or a postcard.

A day must be coming soon when more children can have access to the new world of communication. (At this stage you must feel an Eleven Plus mathematics question emerging.)

The dollar has fallen to a new low - $1.48 to the £1.00. The nickel is the five cent coin of the United States. The nickel is one-twentieth, or five hundredths, of a dollar.

How many nickels to the pound?

How many nickels will it cost to buy house with a pool in Florida?

How many nickels will it cost to live, in full, the Eleven Plus dream?

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