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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Cats, Dogs and the Eleven Plus

Would it be true to say that eleven plus children, who pass the examination, are more intelligent than children who do not?

Would it be far more likely to say that children who pass the eleven plus examination are better than other children at working on eleven plus questions?

Is it basic intelligence that creates the opportunity for a child to pass or is it the ability to read and answer eleven plus questions? Is it a combination? Does it help if your child is a friendly and sociable?

There is a wonderful article in today’s Daily Telegraph entitled: `Dogs are smarter than cats’.

The premise of the argument is that dogs are cleverer than cats because their friendly character has helped them to develop bigger brains.

The researchers from Oxford University discovered that cat’s brains are smaller because they are less social.

We all know that a successful eleven plus child needs to be intelligent – and be able to work on examination papers. Parents, however, may need to consider the size of their child’s brains! This transformation of the brain will not be achieved by sending the child to a tutor. The transformation of the brain will take place through social networking.

Brain Stretching Step 1

Immediately purchase a phone with the ability to send and receive unlimited texts.

Brain Stretching Step 2

Upgrade your child’s personal computer. Encourage and develop the ability to use the social networking sites:

On no account use sites you may be interested in:
Face Book
Microsoft Messenger

Go for the ones suggested in a Times article in 2009.

(At this stage I have to confess I have never heard of most of these sites. My only concern is trying to help your child develop a larger and more effective brain!)

The first two were: (28 million users) (76 million users)

It looks as if a family can increase their eleven plus opportunities through the parents hitting Twitter and Facebook and the children Clubpenguin and Poptropica.

Send your cats to live with the nearest maiden aunt. Get hold of a pack of dogs in the interest of increased sociability.

I’m off to buy shares in a dog food company!

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