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Saturday, November 20, 2010

Eleven Plus Technology

We have been conducting on line lessons for some months. The lessons need a headset and a microphone – other wise it is hard for the child to communicate over the internet. Who should set the computer up – the male or the female member of the family? Should it be a joint effort? Who should buy the headphones? Who decides which headset to buy? How much should the family spend? Should the family spend £60.00 on the best possible head set or £13.00 on one which works just as well?

The following statement does not follow definitive research – and is largely unsubstantiated – but we have found many women (mothers) making the buying decisions. Of course this naturally leads to who should install and test the equipment.

A wonderful website called `Women in Technology’ has an article about women making better bosses.

38% of people think that women make better bosses.
29% of people think that men make better bosses.
33% think that gender is unimportant.

Would it be possible to extrapolate the thinking behind the research into who would be best to buy and install the equipment?

What percentage think that mum should purchase and install?

What percentage think that dad should purchase and install?

What percentage of children think that it does not really matter so long as it is working?

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