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Monday, November 29, 2010

Eleven Plus Hope

What kind of questions can tell you more about yourself as the parent of an eleven plus child? Are the same questions suitable for your child?

Are you as good, or better, than most people at answering verbal reasoning questions?

Are you usually troubled by feelings of eleven plus guilt?

Do you find yourself apologising if you can not answer an eleven plus question?

Do you sometimes feel that you don’t care if you can’t answer an eleven plus question?

Are you pretty confident about yourself and your role in the eleven plus?

Do you indulge in little superstitious eleven plus rituals? (Like tidying up?)

Would you say that you have a high opinion of yourself?

Are you offended if you are corrected over an eleven plus error?

Do you find it difficult to sit still without fidgeting?

If someone says something nice to you, do you believe them?

There are no answers.

If you score full marks you have a high esteem.

You are obviously a happy and well adjusted eleven plus candidate.

You don’t worry much about the outcome of the examination.

All you can do is hope for the best – and do your best.

Familiar words?

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