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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Eleven Plus Herbs

Will eleven plus children and their parents ever be able to have timely and prescribed access to herbal remedies? Not every one agrees with the concept of herbal remedies – yet some people swear by them. We all know that herbs are not suitable for all conditions and that considerable caution needs to be taken with some herbs.

As civilisation developed, people began to know which herbs were good to eat and which had healing or medicinal functions. For thousands of years herbs have been easily available to people – and in spite of modern developments millions still rely on herbs. Of course herbs are not much use without a herbalist. Most herbalists are people who try convince their patients that they are treating the cause of the problem and not the symptoms.

When we wander off to have a `nice cup of tea’, we are imbibing a herb. A mug of Kenyan coffee is a herb. We are warned that too much tea and too much coffee can have an effect on the body.

We know that some herbs can stimulate the heart – and others can have a relaxing and calming effect on the body. This leads us nicely into the eleven plus herb.

This is a herb taken by both men and women. Sometimes the herb is distilled and offered in a highly concentrated form. (For some this would be a restorative like a quick slug of 15 year old whiskey.) Other eleven plus herbs need to be savoured with a slap up meal in a wildly expensive restaurant while sharing the problems of bringing up an eleven plus candidate.

We know what it is like going into a book shop in an eleven plus town. There will be rows and rows of a range of eleven plus books. Think of the people going into an upmarket supermarket and seeing rows and rows of `Superior Eleven Plus’on the herbal shelf.

The label would read:

A tough but tender ten year old.
Sometimes pleasant and sometimes a tiger.
Quick to take offence but slow to respond. (At times.)
Needs careful nurturing – but demands own space.
Treat with love and respect – the years go quickly!

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