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Monday, November 15, 2010

Eleven Plus Criteria

Course Title
Eleven Plus Examination 2011

Selection Criteria

The ability to demonstrate ability in an examination.
Physical requirements must include the ability to sit still and concentrate for periods of time.
The personal qualities of an eleven plus candidate must include the ability to be pleasant to parents when under pressure.
(Parents, of course, do not have to have formal eleven plus qualifications – the children will hope that their parents will pick it up as the family move closer towards the examination.)
Children do not need to be able to read before they are three years old.
Children do not need to be proficient at Grade 5 on the flute.
Children do not need to have played at county level at a popular sport.
Children do need to be able to work hard and do their best.

Selection Method

Selection is by a public examination.
Selection does not have to take into account how a child is feeling on the day.
Selection does not have to take into account the concerns of the mother that her child enters a grammar school and not that school `down the road’.
Selection does not need to take into account dad’s weak jokes on the morning of the examination. (However well meaning!)

Course Content

Lots of different papers.
Lots of different eleven plus books.
Lots of different online tests.
Lots of publishers – ranging from the well known to the earnest.
Practice examinations.


“To get into grammar!”


Parents must wish, at times, that they could take the examination for their child.
Sadly, children do actually need to pass.
It is possible, in some areas, to take different eleven plus examinations.
It is possible to pass one eleven plus examination and fail another.


Depends where you live.
Depends where you might live in the future.
Depends if you child passes the examination.
An eleven plus pass depends on a lot of things!

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