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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The Eleven Plus and elessons

Today’s Year 5 elesson lasts for 40 minutes and has three elements.

elearning lessons should start on time because there are usually a number of parents and children involved. Some parents stay with their child throughout the duration of the lessons. Others are confident to leave their children and walk away.

The elessons are aimed at allowing children use their computers to full effect. The lessons do not, at the moment, embrace games technology, as feed back from parents has indicated that they would prefer their child to simply get on with a lesson – and leave the games for a different occasion.

Some lessons revolve around one topic – especially when something new or demanding is introduced. Other lessons, like todays, cover more than one topic. There is, however, one common element – the lesson has to be fast moving. To day we are looking at:

Tally Charts
Area and Perimeter

The children will be able to write on the screen, chat to the teacher, draw pictures and make observations. This is classroom teaching with a little bit extra – the introduction of demanding and challenging technology.

We are using Microsoft Live Meeting as the vehicle. We looked at seventeen different packages and applications before coming back to live meeting. Some parents are very familiar with Live Meeting – as they use this at work. We wanted a universally accepted package. We have been able to integrate Live Meeting into our self built learning platform – to make the booking of the lessons and the delivery of the lesson as seamless as possible. We know of one remarkably able nine year old girl who manages the booking of the lesson and logging on to participate in the meeting with remarkably little input from her parents.

So far so good!

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