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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Eleven Plus Harmony

We are now deep into half term. It may be as well to remember the technique of non interference that was practiced by David Wills in his experiments. A camp was established by the `Society of Friends’ for unruly adolescents. Two principles governed the enterprise:

Do not force your discipline onto any miscreants.

Being free and having to discipline oneself can be a burden.

The technique was employed to try to promote less hostile and more co-operative attitudes.

This needed courage on the part of the organisers.

If any eleven plus parents have any similar experiences they may care to share with us - we would love to hear.

Eleven Plus Half Term Rules

No child will be forced to do an eleven plus paper.

No adult will engage in any form of argument with their eleven plus child.

Will these two points make for a more harmonious holiday setting?

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