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Saturday, February 05, 2011

Eleven Plus Pressure

How well will your eleven plus child do under pressure? By the time their child is around ten years old parents will have been offered many opportunities of being able to make judgements about their capabilities of their children.

Some eleven plus children will naturally emerge as leaders.

They may try to take an ascendant role in their relations with their school mates, friends and parents.

They will often try to be persuasive and promote their viewpoints assiduously.

Other children may often look to them for leadership, help and advice.

Some eleven children who emerge as leaders will be naturally ebullient and expressive.

These ten year old leaders will often be self reliant and able to think for them selves.

Other children may wish to display far more conforming behaviour.

These may be children who wish to conform – and do not wish to stand out from the crowd,

Some of these rather more conforming children may find it difficult to make decisions without vacillation and delay.

Questions you could ask your eleven plus child?

When you are working on eleven plus papers, do you prefer to work on your own?

Do you think that you display signs of being a little bit of a show off?

Do you usually follow the eleven plus instructions that you are offered or do you prefer to `do your own thing’?

Do you spend much time worrying about other people’s opinion?

Do you wish you were not doing the eleven plus?

In a discussion of this nature there can not be any right and wrong. Quite rightly most eleven plus children will fall somewhere between these two poles. At some time there will need to be total conformity. At other times parents may wish for a bit more dynamism and leadership.

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