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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Eleven Plus Attitudes

There is one kind of test that can be used to monitor the opinions of eleven plus children and that is the verbal stimulus test. For a test of this kind there is no need to arrive at the right answer – as only the attitude to the topic needs to be discussed.

Mr. and Mrs. Wilson enjoy a family of two children. They live in a cul-de-sac with open fields beyond. Their children are used to playing with their friends in the fields and within a small nearby copse. Three of the families in the cul-de-sac are involved with the eleven plus. Parents are split on the degree and amount of work that is needed to be done before the eleven plus.

Should the families work together?

a) Engage a tutor to meet the children on a regular basis
b) Share eleven plus papers and exercises
c) Create opportunities for the parents to meet on a regular basis.
d) Share transport and drive the children to a common venue for eleven plus tuition.

Should the families discuss the eleven plus?

a) Ignore the eleven plus and only chat about other common interests
b) Refuse to acknowledge that one of the three children is clearly destined for grammar school.
c) Seek to find their own tutors
d) Decide on a `do it yourself eleven plus’.

The questions are necessarily open ended – and are certainly not intended to be turned into a verbal comprehension exercise. The children can also be asked their opinions.

Should you work with your friends towards the eleven plus?

a) Should you work on your own or will the other children put you off?
b) Should you share papers?
c) Do you think that children should do extra work for the eleven plus?
d) How important is the eleven plus if you pass and they go to a different school?

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