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Sunday, August 13, 2006

A Childish Discovery

Please remind your children of the decorum of the 11+ examination room. By all means remind your child of Archimedes. He solved a problem of the amount of gold in a crown when he saw how much water he displaced as he climbed into his bath.

Archimedes jumped from his bath and, without stopping to dress himself, he ran through the streets to the king's palace shouting, "Eureka! Eureka! Eureka!" In English this means, "I have found it! I have found it! I have found it!"

When your little one solves a problem in the examination please urge him or her not to tear off their clothes and run down the class room shouting at the top of their voice.

I am not sure what the examining board would say if it received a report: `Candidate 3456 ran shouting down the classroom.’

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