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Thursday, August 31, 2006

We can only live in hope.

Degree courses cost money. Many of our ten and eleven year old children writing their Eleven Plus examinations will be soon be attending university. If the 2006 estimated cost of three years of university education is thousands of pounds, how much will the cost of attending university be in seven years time?

Careers Guidance becomes important. Many students will need to repay a lot of money at the end of their degree course. Traditionally a young person thinks of a career area they think will suit them. They then find out about the qualifications required – and then they need to find a job.

Our eleven plus children may need to find jobs that will enable the investment to be repaid.

Parents contemplating the 11+ and future university fees may care to consider:

Insurance Policy
Rich grandparents
Second job
Hope things will change ………

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