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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

What a Good Girl!

In the Shona language of Zimbabwe the word for a `girl’ is `musikana’.

`Musikana’ is a musical sounding word. The shape and pattern of the word seems to suggest a wonderful innocence.

There is a big difference between: `Now you will have to face the music!’ and: `This is music to my ears.’

It will never be easy for any parent to have to turn to a ten year old and explain the consequences of not winning a place at grammar school. It must also be an agonising interval of time when a child lands up on the waiting list. The uncertainty must be even greater if one’s child is number four or five on the list.

The pleasure to all the family on receiving the news that a place has been won must surely be a cause for celebration. What pleasing words: `Well done my girl!’

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