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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Your Child's CV

I wonder when the results of 11+ examinations will only be part of the selection process. Schools will then need to add some form of pre selection. The schools will then need to consider the curriculum vitae (CV) as well as an application form. Perhaps the chosen few could even be interviewed.

Parents and teachers providing 11+ tuition could remind the ten year olds to bear the following points in mind:

Before completing the application form you are expected to read the school’s web site and literature.

Answer all the questions and you must use the space provided.

Express yourself in good English – and do not just write lists.

Give as much relevant information about yourself as possible.

Help with interview techniques could also be offered:

Why do you wish to attend this school?

What is your favourite music?

What are your opinions on our school uniform?

What clubs would you like to join?

Questions and answers, and thought about the actual school, may help to focus the child’s mind!

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