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Thursday, August 17, 2006

On holiday!

Tarzan was a hero. He was the son of an English noble – but was abandoned in the jungle and raised by apes.

We know too that he learnt the language of animals and we would like to believe that he lead a happy life.

He married Jane. `Me Tarzan – you Jane,’ has been part of our legacy for many years. Tarzan and Jane had a son.

Tarzan had superhuman strength. This is exactly the same strength that a child will need to be able to display when Eleven Plus papers are taken on holiday. `We are off to Greece for the week. What papers should we take?’

`Oh Mother dear, please give me a break from papers. I want to have a holiday. We have not had a holiday for a full year. One week’s break will not make a difference. Please, please – I will do a paper every day when we return.’

I wonder what Jane and Tarzan’s son had to say?

Give me a break!

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