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Monday, August 14, 2006

Please Sir. Can we have a new exam?

We can try to `fast track’ a development through a planning authority. We can appreciate too that our child’s teacher is on a `fast track’ and has been recognised as a future leader in the profession. In America the term `fast track’ is used when the President is given powers that Congress will vote on later on.

Do we really need to `fast track’ children? Why do we have to make children pass an examination at ten or eleven years old? The same child can pass a swimming examination earlier than at eleven. There are other tests that a child can pass that are not age related. Why can’t we develop a new style called `The Fast Track 11+ Examination’?

We can, however, imagine the problems that may arise if a bright nine year old is `fast tracked’ through the selective examination system. Intellectually the child may be able enough to cope with the syllabus of a grammar school. Emotionally there may be problems at times.

Whay are we are all so pleased when a bright, cheerful eleven year old wins a place in a grammar school? Why aren’t we as happy if the child is surly and uncommunicative? Maybe one day the powers that be will develop an emotional and social 11+ test. This could allow the happy and hardworking child to be fast tracked into grammar.

We could test the children on: How wide is your smile? Do you laugh at my jokes? Do you like working hard? Do you love school?

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