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Monday, June 16, 2008

Changing the Eleven Plus

Vincent Van Gogh once worked at a small school in Ramsgate. He applied to become an evangelist among the miners. His application was rejected. He went back home for a spell and then went to join the miners. He slept on the floor, attended the sick - but was not all that successful.

He decided to try to paint so went back to school to study. After he left school he started on the studies of the poor - the weavers and the peasants.

He went on to paint pictures that were not only outstanding - but were painted with perfect simplicity and harmony.

If we could bring some of the bright colours and the vibrancy of his paintings into the Eleven Plus syllabus. Ideally we would like children writing Eleven Plus examinations to be stimulated and feel involved in what they are learning. The whole examination needs a radical rethink. Clever children all studying “If VXUDS STANDS FOR strap, what word would you choose for SDUXV?

A question like that may have thought to be of value 50 years ago - but for today’s children? We really do need a significant change for the better.

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