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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Eleven Plus Maths

We needed extra milk in Stratford over the weekend. There was a very small parade of shops – made up of a news agent, hairdresser and a small general store. When we approached the counter the very obviously Italian owner offered us a slice of cheese called “Flowers of the milk.”

We complimented him on his initiative – and paid for a good hunk of cheese.

He went on to explain that he was really a chef – not a grocer. We learnt that he had cooked in a small hotel which had changed hands. His new ambition was to develop the off licence side of the store by offering fresh pizza. To do this he needed an Electric Pizza Oven. After a full and impassioned discussion we decided that we liked this one as it cooked 4 x 241mm. diameter pizzas:

FED high output electric pizza ovens offer proven reliability and a classic smooth firebrick hearth design. A variable working temperature of 50-500 degrees centigrade makes these ovens useful for a variety of other applications.”

If we had had an Eleven Plus child with us we would have asked:

The oven cost £899 plus VAT. The delivery charge was £15.00 plus VAT.

How much did he have to pay for the oven to be delivered?

If he made a profit of £2.00 on each pizza, how many sets of four did he have to sell before he had earned enough to pay for the oven?

I hope he does open his dream pizza outlet. We all have to dream don’t we?

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